Meet Our Team of Real Estate Pros

Cory Martin

Cory Martin, co-founder and dynamic driver of Vida Realty, Cory is originally from Western Canada yet has been living in the Quepos/ Manuel Antonio area since 1993. Her strengths are as a strategic thinker, networking specialist and problem solver bringing a far-sighted approach to each purchase. After owning several successful local businesses, Cory entered the real estate industry in 2003 and formed Vida Realty in 2007.

Kristine Morley

Kristine Morley, co-founder, broker, and fellow Canadian from Victoria B.C.,has been in the area since 1997. After spending four years in the hotel industry, she started in real estate in 2003. An avid equestrian, Kristine brings a unique expertise to Vida Realty’s farms for sale. She manages the relationships with the local government, securing hard-to-get permits for clients as well as overseeing property rental management for many of Vida Realty’s clients. Kristine’s experience in real estate business administration and customer service serve to round out the team’s offering.

Michelle Reid

Michelle Reid, office administrator and broker, is a native born Costa Rican. With a Canadian father – a local developer – and Costa Rican mother, Michelle passes seamlessly between both cultures. Prior to joining Vida Realty Michelle was in e-commerce. If asked, she’ll tell you the best thing about Costa Rica is it’s lifestyle. Seeking to become the best version of herself, Michelle brings an outstanding attitude to everything she does at Vida Realty, especially in her care of its clients.

Karen Lee Hall

Karen Lee Hall, also a Canadian, literally married Costa Rica: her husband is a “Tico”. She joined Vida Realty in 2017 as its office manager prior to Michelle and in that time got a broad understanding of real estate in Costa Rica. Now Karen does write-ups for the company, providing evocative descriptions of the listings as well as ongoing informative content for clients. If asked, Karen will tell you the best thing about Costa Rica is every single day here.